We are live!

Our site has finally launched! I had to take out some features for the launch as they are a little broken. Our site currently a Work In Progress so expect some bugs and broken items. If you run into any issues please send us a message.

Since it is just me (Brendan) working on the site, features might take a little bit longer than they normally would so I appreciate your patience.

To get his launch right, I want to provide a checklist of features that you can expect in the coming weeks. Some of these features are very close to being finished but will require some more work.

*Items that are crossed out have been completed. The items that aren’t crossed out are in progress or have not been completed.

The Checklist


Social Media Profiles

Waiver Wire


Podcast Page



Fantasy Player Rankings – Rankings are up but a new format is on the way.

This list will be updated with new features as we add them. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message. Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy our content. You can list to our podcast here: Barely Athletic Fantasy Football

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